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Little Chamorrita , Did I tell You?

Little Chamorrita, Did I Tell You? - Mary C. Aflague, Gerard V Aflague

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Aflague, M. C. (2014). Little Chamorrita, Did I Tell You? CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform.


This is a children's story of love told by a parent to a little girl or little Chamorrita as they are known in the Pacific Islands of the Marianas. This title uses colorful tropical illustrations to communicate the deep love one has for their little Chamorrita. Using a repeating pattern that reads "Little Chamorrita, did I tell you?", little Chamorritas everywhere will be inspired and understand true island-inspired love.


Author Information: 

Mary Aflague was born and raised on the Pacific Island of Guam. As a long-time educator in Guam, Virginia, and Colorado, she is fulfilling her life-long dream of writing books. Mary spends her spare time reading, hiking, and traveling. She works with Gerard, husband and co-author and illustrator, and her children to create simple yet fun titles for children to enjoy.


Awards: N/A


Target Audience: PreK- 3rd grade


Genre: Children's Picture Book/ Fiction


Interest: Chamorro culture, traditions, language, images, family expression.