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Maui and the Big Fish

Maui And The Big Fish - Katarina Mataira

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Wilson, B. K., & Lessac, F. (2003). Maui and the big fish: A Polynesian creation myth. London: Frances Lincoln.


In this delightful myth telling how the Polynesian islands were formed, little Maui Topknot outwits his big brothers, catches the biggest fish in the ocean and earns the title Maui of the Thousand Tricks.
Author Information: 
BARBARA KER WILSON received the Dromkeen medal for contributions to Australian children's literature in 2000. She has written more than 40 books for adults and children. Her Frances Lincoln books include The Turtle and the Island and Wishbones FRANE LESSAC's award winning books include The Chalk Doll by Charlotte Pomerantz, Caribbean Carnival, with songs by Irving Burgie, Wonderful Towers of Watts, written by Patricia Zelver, Not a Copper Penny, by Monica Gunning, and The Distant Talking Drum. The Turtle and the Island was her first book for Frances Lincoln, followed by Eric Maddern's The Fire Children, selected as one of Junior Education's Best Books of the Year in 1993 and as one of the Children's Books of the Year in 1994. 
Awards: N/A
Target Audience: Grades PerK- 3. 
Genre: Mythology/ Folklore? Picture Book
Interest: Hawaiian culture, mythology, traditions and family.