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One Boy, No Water

One Boy, No Water - Lehua Parker

APA Citation: 

Parker, L., & Egbert, C. (n.d.). One boy, no water.



11 year old Alexander Kaonakai Westin--Zader for short--is allergic to water. One drop on his skin sears like white-hot lava. Too bad a lifetime of carrying an umbrella and staying away from the beach isn't the answer, especially when his popular almost twin brother Jay looks destined to become the next Hawaiian surfing sensation


Author Information: 

LEHUA PARKER is the award-winning author of the Niuhi Shark Saga trilogy for MG/YA readers, Lauele Town Stories, and other horror and speculative works for adults. Originally from Hawaii and a graduate of The Kamehameha Schools, after a lifetime of travel and adventure, she is currently a business and training consultant, author, editor, public speaker, and soccer mom--not necessarily in that order. Trained in literary criticism and an advocate of indigenous cultural narratives and diversity in literature, she is a frequent speaker at conferences and symposiums. Connect with her at www.LehuaParker.com.



American Book award


Target audience: Grades 4-8 ages 9-11


Genre: Juvenile Fiction/ Adventure and Fantasy


Interest: Hawaiian language, culture ,coming of age, magic, and folklore