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The carpet Boy's Gift

The Carpet Boy's Gift - Pegi Deitz Shea, Leane Morin

APA Citation: 

Shea, P. D., & Morin, L. (2003). The carpet boy's gift. Gardiner, Me.: Tilbury House.



Nadeem and his fellow workers are bonded laborers, children who work day and night to pay off loans their families have accepted from a factory owner. Although Nadeem and his cousin Amina take pride in helping their poor families, they yearn to go to school ant to have time to play. One day a former carpet boy named Iqbal Masih leads a parade in the village. New laws have abolished bonded labor! Iqbal urges Nadeem to fight for freedom and to lead the children to a new school in town. This fictional story honors the legacy of Iqbal Masih, a real boy who escaped from a factory and worked to liberate child workers like Nameem by the thousands. Resources at the end of the story lead to more information about child labor issues and encourage children to support companies that work to make the world a better place for all.


Author Information: 

Pegi Deitz Shea, a recipient of the Connecticut Book Award, has written many children's books. She lives in Rockville, Connecticut. Her web site is www.pegideitzshea.com.

Morin is a self-taught illustrator.


Target Audience: Grades 4-8 4.6 reading level equivalence. 


Genre: Juvenile Nonfiction


Interest: grades 3-6, Pakistani culture, child labor, coming of age,