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Written in the Sky

Written in the Sky - Matthew Kaopio

APA Citation: 

Kaopio, M. (2005). Written in the sky. Honolulu: Mutual Pub.



A young abandoned Hawaiian boy, living among the homeless in Ala Moana Park, spends his days observing tourists, swimming in the ocean and rummaging in the trash. At first glance there is nothing special about young Ikauikalani, till you learn he can see the future in the movements of the clouds. Following directions received from his deceased grandmother, Ikau sets off on a journey of self-discovery releasing his past and helping him to understand his own future.


Author Information: 

Matthew Kaopio, Jr. was born in Kailua, Hawaii on April 28, 1972. Since childhood, he enjoyed art and drawing. On August 17, 1994 his life was forever changed as result of a swimming accident that left him severly paralyzed as a C-4 quadriplegic. He was 22 years old. Kaopio says he was devastated and depressed, feeling like he would never be able to draw or paint another picture again. But while recovering at the Rehabilititaion Hospital of the Pacific, Kaopio was introducted to mouthpainting by MFPA student member David Kaaihue.


Awards: N/A


Target Audience: Young Adult


Genre: Fiction


Interest: Hawaiian culture, mythology, heritage, customs, loss, overcoming diversity, coming of age.