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Minerva Reef

Minerva Reef - Olaf Ruhen

APA Citation: 

Ruhen, O. (1964). Minerva Reef. Boston: Little, Brown.



Semi-fictionalised account of the wreck of the Tongan ship Tuiakaepau on Minerva Reef in 1962.


Author Information: 

Olaf Ruhen was born in Dunedin, New Zealand in 1911 and served with the RNZAF during the Second World War. In 1947 he moved to Sydney and worked as a journalist for eight years. He became established as a freelance writer during the 1950s, having a number of short stories published in the Saturday evening post. From then until his death in 1989 he published a prolific quantity of documentary and fictional writing, based largely on his extensive travels in Australia, New Guinea and the South Pacific.


Awards: N/A


Target Audience: Young Adult


Genre: Journal, nonfiction


Interest: Sea life, survival, Pacific Island geography,