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Two Cans of Corned Beef and a Manulele in a Mango Tree - Sarona Aiono-Isoefa, Steve Dunn

APA Citation: 

Aiono-Iosefa, S., & Dunn, S. (2004). Two cans of corned beef and a manulele in a mango tree: A Pacific Christmas. Auckland: Reed.



A Pasifika adaptation of the traditional Christmas song, “The 12 days of Christmas”, this book features all things Pacific, including fire dancers, drummers, hula, chiefs, weaving, lavalavas, jandals, tapa, frangipani, corned beef, and a manulele in a mango tree. It is beautifully illustrated using bold lines and colour prints of Pacific icons. This book was nominated because of its “Pacific flavour” and appealing illustrations.


Author Information: 

Sarona Aiono-Iosefa is a Christchurch-born Samoan. She has a Certificate in Journalism and Bachelor of Arts in English Literature, and currently works as a senior writer for Health Education Trust.





Target Audience: PreK-3rd grade


Genre: Picture book


Interest: Pacific Island culture, traditions across cultures, realistic illustrations