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Leaves of the Banyan Tree

Leaves of the Banyan Tree - Albert Wendt

APA Citation: 

Wendt, A. (1991). Leaves of the Banyan tree. Auckland: Penguin Books.



An epic spanning three generations, Leaves of the Banyan Tree tells the story of a family and community in Western Samoa, exploring on a grand scale such universal themes as greed, corruption, colonialism, exploitation, and revenge. Winner of the 1980 New Zealand Wattie Book of the Year Award, it is considered a classic work of Pacific literature.


Author Information: 

he best-known writer from the South Pacific, Albert Wendt was born into a Samoan family. He left Samoa in 1952 to attend a high school in New Zealand as a scholarship student. He later received an M.A. in history from Victoria University in Wellington. After teaching at universities in Fiji and Samoa, Wendt now holds a professorship of Pacific studies at Auckland University. Wendt is the product of two cultures---the Samoan of his childhood and the European of his education. 


Awards: 1980 New Zealand Wattie Book of the Year Award


Target Audience: Young Adult 


Genre: Literature and Fiction


Interest: Samoan culture, traditions, immigration, family ties,