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Taming the Tanawha

Taming the Taniwha - Tim Tipene, Henry Campbell

APA Citation: 

Tipene, T., & Campbell, H. (2001). Taming the taniwha. Wellington, N.Z.: Huia.



Tama is being bullied by a nasty taniwha who happens to inhabit his local classroom. At a loss for solutions, he goes to his family for ideas. The story follows Tama as he tries out the suggestions and faces the taniwha.


Author Information: 

TIM TIPENE developed Warrior Kids in 1994. Tim is a qualified martial arts instructor who has accumulated a total of 12 Dan Black Belt ranks. He is a youth and self-defense counselor, as well as the award-winning author of children's picture books and junior novels including Kura Toa: Warrior School, Bullies and Warrior, Haere Jack Haere and Taming the Taniwha. Tim is also a trustee of the Storylines Children's Literature Foundation.


Awards: N/A


Target Audience: PreK- 6th grade


Genre: Children's Picture Book


Interest: Maori culture, mythology, emotions, bullying