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The Girl in the Moon Circle

The Girl in the Moon Circle - Sia Figiel

APA Citation: 

Figiel, S. (1996). The girl in the moon circle. Suva, Fiji: Mana Publications.



The Girl in the Moon Circle, like the cover drawing, shows Samoan life through the eyes of a ten-year-old girl called Samoana. Though young, Samoana is perceptive, not much escapes her analysis. She tells us about school, church, friends, family violence, having refrigerators and television for the first time, Chunky cat food, a Made-in-Taiwan Jesus, pay day, cricket, crushes on boys, incest, legends and many other things. Her observations offer a compelling look at Samoan society.


Author Information: 

Sia Figiel is a contemporary Samoan novelist, poet, and painter. Sia Figiel grew up amidst traditional Samoan singing and poetry, which heavily influenced her writing.





Target Audience: Adolescent and Young Adult. Ages 8-12


Genre: Fiction


Interest: Samoan culture, coming of age, prose